Thursday, November 10, 2016

China Day 11: MY MEMORIES~!

~ 5th February 2016 ~
Sweet sweet memories. How could I forget? I actually did. I have some photos from my phone and I just transferred them to the computer after removing most of the photos I have looked through of the whole China trip. I really thanked God that I have the whole of Day 11 in the phone instead of the camera with the currently dead memory card. 
This was the day Pinky was with mi madre and I the whole day. We went out for a walk. We went to McDonald's. The burger bun was good, chicken fillet was even better. It was perfect to the dot. 
We went to Walmart after that. Just walk around and buy nonsense. I like to spend money at Walmart. It's a nice place to spend money, don't know why. 
We found the Anchor salted butter. Usually our supermarkets will be selling the 225g butter which I did not buy. We will buy from the cake ingredient shops selling at 250g a piece. But in China, 100g only but the price was double that of our 250g. Not enough to make a cake. No wonder cakes, pastries and buns are so expensive in China. 
No money, go eat dim sum. Bread and buns are for the filthy rich. The travel buddy complained that I never bake for her. How to bake for her? We went to Walmart to look for electric oven and also cake mixer. The whole Walmart so big, no electric oven, no cake mixer and no cake tin. Nothing for baking. Cream cheese was of minute size, I would have to buy bulk to make proper cheesecake for her. She wanted my cotton cheesecake so much. On the way home, we stopped by at the bakery. The man in front of us at the counter bought 6 buns which cost 100++ yuan.... see, I told you, no money better go eat dim sum or pick any restaurants to sit in. The buns were small in size, I would need a basketful of buns. I saw a cotton cheesecake, don't ask me the price, I can smack people. The cotton cheesecake tasted awful. I forced everyone to have a few mouthfuls each so the cake would not go to waste.
MMmmmmMMmmm... second aunt brought fresh macadamia nuts over. We went to the market the next day so I could buy back. Hubby loves nuts. I'm not quite a fan but when I start eating then I cannot stop. 
Dinner was at home. You see, we just set up two mahjong tables in the living room and we're good to start dinner. The television would accompany us but mother and second aunt blocking la... 
Night time was mahjong session. Second aunt taught me and I won after that. Always learn from the best. Second aunt always wins so learn the basics from her. Grandma refused to teach me. In the end grandpa taught me the tricks. I'm a fast learner, don't worry. 

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