Tuesday, November 15, 2016

The Supermoon from Penang...

I waited. I waited. I waited some more. I was waiting for a huge moon. I waited yesterday and today. Today was a little bit upsetting as it was raining.I did not have to go far. I just need to push the window open but I chose to be more hardworking. I opened the front door and walked out of the house *cheer for me please* and stood at the front gate, of course on the inside part, not the outside.
Thank you for the borrowed patience...
Thank you for the borrowed professionalism...

I begged one of the SunChasers to snap the supermoon for me. Actually, not much begging. I was trying to convert a SunChaser into a MoonChaser. No... no... no... that sounded very wrong. Let me try to rephrase that. I was borrowing the patience and professionalism of a passionate photographer. If one can chase after the sun, one can surely wait upon the moon to appear from behind the clouds. I don't want to chase anything. I just want what I wanted to fall on my lap. The two photos ↟ of course, were taken by the professional with lots of patience. Mine was done in a fast motion. 
This is mine~!
No clouds... just the bright moon

When it was blood moon, Penang did not really see it. Now that it was Supermoon, we did not see it clearly either. It was just brighter than before but the size, the size was just like the usual moon. I know, I speak as if we have a few moons orbiting around the Earth. 
I feel like howling like a wolf~!
Can't you just grow any bigger?

I did take a few more today but it was just the same as yesterday's. Until I saw that same moon taken from Tibet, at the border of China. Okay, I think I have nothing to say. I can only say Supermoon really never exist in this part of the Earth. No shooting stars in Penang also. No twinkle twinkly little stars. If I really want to chase after the moon all the way to another country, I need to convince my travel buddy. My travel buddy no longer believes in looking at sunrise. She would say,"Shut up~! Go back to bed~! Don't disturb me~!" If I say I want to see sunset, she will Google those images for me. The travel buddy has never stare at the moon as well, she would rather stare on her iPad screen watching the handsome Korean artistes. 

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