Wednesday, November 09, 2016

China Day 16: The Day I Fall in Love with Tea...

~ 10th February 2016 ~
The sky turned gloomy again. Grandma's brother invited us over to his place for dimsum. Grandpa was fit to travel so we went into two cars. One was driven by father and the other was driven by second uncle. Father was not that keen to go and we said if he didn't go, then we would not have enough cars to fit everyone in. Nobody remembered that I can drive and I also forget that I can drive.
The place looked nice but not too heavy on the decorations. It was just mediocre. After going to too many high class restaurants, the eyes were spoiled. After tasting too many good dim sums, the mouth was too pampered already.
I would say that the dim sum was so-so only but the pu-er tea was really good. I came back to look for the exact same taste but I could not find what I wanted. There was no two same tea in different areas. You just can't find the same taste... *sigh*
What's this?

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