Tuesday, November 01, 2016

China Day 10: Lunch at 臻记饭店...

~ 4th February 2016~
We went out together with mother and second aunt, while we were walking like slow pokes, both of them has to rush to meet someone. That someone gave live chickens for Chinese New Year so mother has to find someone from the wet market to help slaughter the chicken. No one in the house knows how to slaughter live chickens, I will cry for the chickens and maybe will never eat chickens anymore. 
Second aunt asked us to wait at the restaurant. There were so many restaurants at our side and at the opposite of the road. Pinky used WeChat to call mother to ask and they mentioned a name that we could not find. Actually, I just stood there like an illiterate because I could recognise none of the words la... Please don't ask me how and where to go to a particular place but I have tourists asking me for directions and I felt so smart that I could actually help. In the end, we walked into one with many people. Follow the crowd... sometimes you will never be wrong when you follow the crowd, but at times you're so wrong. I think I should say that we follow the smell. Smell nice, can enter.
As usual, we did not know what to order. We suggested not to eat too much but in the end... *haih*
The pig's neck slices were so awesome we quickly finished one plate and ordered another one. We were good, no rice... grandma would be proud of all of us...

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