Saturday, November 12, 2016

China Day 21: Lianhuanshan Park - Peach Blossom

~ 15th February 2016 ~
Indonesia Seafood Restaurant has the best egg tarts. I only found out about that on my last day there.
After breakfast, I went out with father and mother. We went to this park to look at peach blossoms. They were so small and looked almost like cherry blossoms. They were not all in bloom yet so no photography frenzy from flower lovers with all the props. 
We parked at the hospital opposite as there was no parking space at the park itself. We walked around the place like 0.1% of the whole area. It felt like going for a short hike. I found some other flowers which attracted my attention. 
After an hour plus there, we went home. My arse... so many steps...
I found my sexy bald tree...

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