Tuesday, November 01, 2016

China Day 11: Memory Erased...

~5th February 2016~
This is so sad. I have no recollection of memory. Don't tell me we didn't eat the whole day? What were we doing? What did we do? Where did we go? I have not even a piece of photo. Those photos jog my memory. I only remembered second aunt stopping the car in the middle of the fork road on a bridge then I took over the driving. We drove in total darkness back to Shenzhen. And my navigator fall asleep beside me because her bio-clock was working on Australian time. My navigator was actually quite useless in China. She failed to switch her bio-clock to China time. She left China at the age of 18 and she has never driven on China roads.I should have thrown her to the back seat and get second aunt to sit beside me. 

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