Monday, November 07, 2016

China Day 15: Fengjian Water Village...

~ 9th February 2016 ~
Second uncle was hooked to his phone as well. He saw many people posted about this place in Shunde. He's from Shunde but he has never been there. Same la... I'm from Penang, but I've not been to all the places in Penang. Fengjian Water Village used to be a dead town so the local government revived the place and turned it into a tourist destination, thus the locals could earn more. 
There were quite a lot of ancient relics which have not been destroyed by the red guards went they went berserk during those time where they killed the scholars. Many historical structures were whacked turned into a pile of concrete and dust. 
We walked around a bit and then the lazy bug hit me. I refused to walk anymore. I was looking at the sampan and went to check out the price. Heheheheh.... I persuaded everyone to follow my smart arse plan. 

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