Saturday, November 12, 2016

China Day 22: Homeward Bound~!

~ 16th February 2016 ~
Finally, finish writing going home~! I was thinking of taking the subway and then the shuttle bus as it was easy to do so but father insisted on dropping us at the airport. We arrived three hours earlier because we were afraid of getting caught in a stand-still jam for no apparent reason. But God's favour was upon us, hardly any cars to be seen on the road.
Mi madre and I planned to have breakfast at the airport as there were many restaurants there. We went into one but the waitress has no interest at all to serve us so I went out to check the menu on the stand and to our horror, a bowl of noodles cost more than 80 yuan. Just clear soup noodles with no meat at all. Oh, after getting our luggage wrapped up, we learned about the box~! Can purchase box of all sizes to put things. No need to hand carry~! SHOULD HAVE BOUGHT THE OREO WAFERS BY BULK~! I'm gonna do that next time... heheheheh
In the end, we decided that we would wait until AirAsia arrives. Boo~! To those who always say AirAsia is late all the time. AirAsia arrived early. We walked slowly in and got time to sit down properly and on the dot, we were up in the air. See, you need favour from God. It has nothing to do with AirAsia, it has to do with you and your attitude. You carry that attitude that AirAsia is always late, AirAsia is always late you even chant it in your head that AirAsia is always late, never early, always delay but when you change to MAS, you complain again, MAS sucks because MAS came late. So, whose fault? You lah... who else. You and your delay mentality. AirAsia has never once delay same as TigerAir or JetStar. On time, very punctual.
Pak Nasser's nasi lemak... I need nasi lemak. Mi madre wants something spicy. Oh, oh.... Malaysian food. Complain again food not nice ar? Aiyo... the nasi lemak is very nice okay~! I saw some passengers eating nasi lemak taking little bit of this and that with the rice. Hello~! That's not the way to eat nasi lemak. You have to mix everything like stir-frying.
Hubby has a whole big pot of koay teow th'ng waiting for me. I texted my neighbour whether she wanted to come over for some koay teow th'ng. She said koay teow th'ng is for sick people like me - homesick. Like this also can har...

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