Friday, November 11, 2016

China Day 17: Peeping into Wealthy Abode...

~ 11th February 2016 ~
Father's boss was suppose to meet us but because of the heavy traffic, we fall behind the scheduled time of arrive, he left as he has appointments to keep. The home security let us in as we were just staying two doors away.
Father wanted to show off his work to all of us. The moment the gate opened, we have to collect our eye balls from the ground and put them back into the sockets. Then, we kept our lower jaws closed so that we wouldn't look ugly with our gaping mouth. We reminded ourselves to walk properly instead of skipping and hopping around like three years old being excited seeing a balloon. And yes, put those index fingers down~! Stop pointing here and there. Be prim and proper. Even Mr. Ma was left speechless except for wah... wah... wah.... wah....
There were white swans and a black swan flown in from overseas. The landscape was so beautiful if only we have our own piece of land, we would want father to do the landscaping. I need more tonnes of moolah to live up to my dream. 
As we walked up the stone stairs, we were heading towards a pond which was not completely done yet. We walked around and then we went back down. Went all the way to the front section of the house, where there was a swimming pool. There were four or five buildings in one plot of land. 

There was a temple built in the compound as well. The non-Christians always put their gods first. We Christians, no personal altar at all. I was ashamed of myself. Up there I heard geese cackling. There were ducks too. Father said those were live birds so that if any of the family members or visitors came, the chefs could just grab one and cull it. 
I did not take the rest of the photos because father said it was rude to do so in a private property. We could not help it. When else could we ever enter into such property? We were escorted out by the guard holding on the leash of an Alsatian. The poodle was looking at us from the second floor, barking at us. I feel that the poodle's life was better than ours by a million fold. Sometimes a dog's life could not even compare to a human's life. That dog definitely eat better than us.  

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