Saturday, November 12, 2016

China Day 19: Shenzhen Bay Park...

~ 13th February 2016 ~
It was a bright and beautiful day. I have no idea what was for breakfast or lunch. Totally no idea. I only mi madre was coughing very badly. Caught some cold bug.

Going out with the family. Pray for parking lots. Have to pray for parking lots. Not that God was so small that He could only get us parking lots but without parking lots mean turning back and going home. Cannot let that happen. 
Grandma, stop pressing the phone~! We're going out already, change up please~!! Grandma~!!!!!!! Sitting in front of the modem will not make it faster... *sigh* 
We found exactly two spots. One of the spots was not a parking space but since it looked like one we turned it into one because I said so~! Car can go in and not blocking others means can park there. There were too many people, again due to the beautiful day~! There were people renting bicycles, walking around.
We walked quite a distant as well. Pinky pushed grandpa on his wheelchair as grandpa would be short of breath if he walked too much and oxygen machine cannot be brought out from home. Look at how lazy my travel buddy was~! After grandpa got up from the wheelchair, she sat on the wheelchair. She's so lazy~! 
Hey, the sea water in Penang was not that dirty, eh. Look at that brown sea water. Looking across to Hong Kong. So near yet so far. Can walk there but can't swim across. 

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