Friday, November 11, 2016

China Day 17: Heungkong Wellness Valley...

~ 11th February 2016 ~
Father actually told us that we would be going to stay over at his work place. We have no idea where his work place was. After driving for so many hours, I salute to father. The first time I went to Shenzhen, father was also working at another project near Guangzhou Zoo but he drove home and took a few days' of leave so that he could play host. The second time we arrived in Shenzhen, the thunderstorm was so bad, but father braved the storm to come back and instead of having dinner together, he arrived before the clock strike 12 in the morning. We dared not call him to check his whereabouts because the storm was too great and we did not want to distract him while he was driving. This was the third time and I could shed a pool of tears for he has to brave the terrible traffic to make his way home.

Now I understand why sometimes he said he's coming back after work but in the end he called to say he will come back the next morning. He must be very tired of the long drive. Now, I totally understand. If for me, I will never come back. I will uproot myself and stay there until I decide to retire.
We have no idea still where father was working until we saw the behemoth building. Pinky and I were ooh-ing and wow-ing while I was still driving, trying to fix my eyes on the road yet I was so excited I could jump on the car seat. I was thinking of dropping the car in the middle of the road and rushing in. But we parked at the basement car park after that and continued to ooh and aah all the way in. That was just the resort's lobby which also housed the restaurant. We were suppose to wait to check-in so we have our asses hopping around the luxurious cushion seats. 
Father then showed us the waterfall from the mountain. That was a hot spring mountain. The public hot spring was too overcrowded as it was Chinese New Year season. We were not keen to dip inside with all the people as we had booked for private hot spring in Taipei, we would want something more private for ourselves only. We were thinking how much would one room cost per night. We even thought that our rooms would be upstairs and we wondered where our rooms would be facing. Then, father said we would not be staying here.
We took the buggy to our place. Our eyes almost popped out when we saw where we were heading to. Father said his boss, who is the owner of this whole entire estate, invited the whole family for a week-long stay but father said we would just be staying for one night. We were all quite mad at father for making such decision before discussing it with us. It was such a long drive, we would want to stay longer for such luxury~! When else could we enjoy such luxury again? Pinky and I love to own big house, a mansion or a castle even. We were both always thinking of the same thing. 
Mother even whacked father on his shoulder for deciding to stay for one night only. I checked the room rate which was above 2000 yuan per night. We have never stayed in such expensive room before. Yeah, call us cheapskates. We just could not afford that. The staff was waiting to serve us. Father's boss even sent gifts waiting for us. He sent an expensive freshwater  fish but we have to give it away to the staff because there was no stove for us to cook with. Mi madre and I refused to venture out to look for dinner. Even Mr Ma refused to leave his room. Forget about dinner. I can feed on those baby oranges and the delicious durian egg rolls. 
After dropping our things, we decided not to leave the luxury place. It would be a waste to walk out of it. But father hurried us to take a walk around the estate. There were still many villas not sold. The entire landscape was planned by father. It was amazing. After such long hours of drive, suddenly we felt like one of those wealthy family in China. We're living our daydreams in reality. Our eyes nearly popped out. I needed my camera to capture what I have seen. If only the camera can capture how all of us felt at that point of time. I felt really blessed and I could not thank God enough for the wealthy experience. 
Look at the drain. Even the drain looked like waterfall. Maybe should suggest our local government to build some rams over the drain and make the black dirty water looked like waterfall. Or flood water and gush down to make it look like Niagara Falls.

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