Sunday, November 13, 2016

KL Food Hunt: This Hawker Place...

We woke up and started hunting for food. We just wanted something simple so we found this kopitiam, I wouldn't call it a restaurant. The stalls were all manned by foreigners. How authentic could it be?
My precious loves char koay teow but we're from Penang, came all the way to KL to have Penang char koay teow? Haih... up to you. You order, I pay. I was a little off key, too. I automatically ordered a plate of wan tan mee and koay teow th'ng, they're both my favourite.
It was not that delicious, all of them. It's okay just need to walk around to get them digested before we continued our hunt for food. I prefer the food in Jalan Alor but we were here in Desa Sri Hartamas. 

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