Thursday, November 10, 2016

China Day 12: The Day I Saw Dog Meat at the Market~!

~ 6th February 2016 ~
I thought I stayed at home the whole day for day 12 but actually we did go out.... hehehehe... We went to Indonesia Seafood Restaurant for breakfast. I found something nice. I became braver with my food orders. I saw something which looked like fishcake so ordered a plate. It was actually squidcake and it was so nice. Even little boy loved them. I went to order another plate but already sold out... grrrr.... The next round I would order that in many many plates. I tried the pudding but it was... *ugh* I'm sorry, it's just not my cup of tea.
We bought ice-creams the day before. Mother's favourite chocolate ice-cream. It was good even Magnum cannot compete with this one. 
In the evening, Pinky, second aunt, mi madre and I went to the wet market in Baishizhou. It was a neighbouring housing area where you could see a vast difference between Overseas Chinese Town and Baishizhou. The whole place was so dirty you could faint. I took lots and lots of pictures at the market and I managed to rescue three pieces of photos only. 
The crocodile meat was a shocked to me but I know that one of the Chinese restaurants in Melbourne sells crocodile meat soup. I saw other more shocking things for example the mountain of rubbish. A few workers were clearing the rubbish but the rubbish kept coming. Then, the story where you read and seen the video where people hauled up oil from manhole, I saw that too. A few ladies were using pails tied to ropes and hauling up manhole liquid. 
On the way back, using the same way, I did not know how I missed earlier, I almost jumped out of my skin when I saw that skinned dog hung on a hook. Excuse the blurred photo. I only managed to snap one piece because I was not sure whether to snap it or not. I stood there frozen for a few minutes and quickly took out the camera to snap it. The lady manning the stall gave me a cold look. She has no feelings in her eyes. She looked scary. I was scared but almost in tears for the dogs. Other than that one doggie hanging on the hook, the whole stall has chopped up pieces of dogs. Pinky and second aunt walked so fast, if the lady decided to butcher me on the spot for taking a photo, no one would rescue me. I hate that lady already. The whole stall looked like the stall selling pork. 
Nah, another unformed egg yolk from the chicken... 

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