Saturday, November 12, 2016

China Day 18: Ole' Supermarket in Holiday Plaza...

~ 12th February 2016 ~
We left but then we stopped by the road side so that mother could buy some vegetables home to cook for dinner. I think we got cheated because the fresh vegetables were so old, it was really hard but it did not look old at all.
Lunch was in one of the restaurants in Guangzhou. The one and only restaurant which was opened for business. The food was quite good but there were not enough tables. They kept adding tables and we were just sitting underneath the staircase. It was really dirty, the floor sticky and slimy. 

Before dinner, mi madre and I went to Holiday Plaza together. I think Pinky left to be with her old classmate. She deserved to spend time with her old friends, we're consider as family and family members don't always spend time together. 
We did not walk all over the plaza but just went to Ole' Supermarket. They have a lot of imported stuff including those from Malaysia like MyKuali white curry noodles which I do not eat. I have not have instant noodles for quite a long time.
We were shocked with the pricing though. Everything was expensive. Even the flour was expensive to the max~!
So small... cook for who or what?
Hungry... quickly walked home just in time for dinner~!

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