Wednesday, November 09, 2016

China Day 16: Seaworld in Shenzhen...

~ 10th February 2016 ~
So mad at father. My navigator followed second uncle's car. After breakfast we were suppose to go to the Hakka Village, all together as one big family. But father did not know that way. He wanted to go out the same way we entered the area.
YOU ARE HERE... it's useless to me... Where am I? Where is here?

Second uncle went without us. My navigator was inside the car navigating. Father got angry and drove HOME~! Let me drive... let me drive...let me drive... Mother was also mad. She said should have let me drive in the first place then father can just stay at home since he was not that keen to come with us in the first place. 
We ended up coming to this place which was one boring place, nicely done up but I just don't like such 'atas' place.
What on earth are these people worshiping? 
Hehehehe... swallowing father alive~!

Mother wanted to 'kautim' father. We got good idea how to deal with father... hehehehe... My terrible navigator... terrible... terrible... I want to swallow my navigator whole as well.... GGGGRRRRRR..
The subway station looked more interesting compared to the entire place...

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