Saturday, November 12, 2016

China Day 19: A Visit to the Doctor...

~ 13th February 2016 ~
For this trip, I totally forget to pack medicine. Do you know that my house was somewhat like a pharmacy, thanks to hubby~! He knows what medicine to take all the time~! I totally forget to ask him to pack medicine for this travel and he could not remember also. 
Mi madre was coughing and coughing until cannot sleep. Of course, I can still sleep because I slept like a log. Nothing can wake me up unless... unless... I have been praying for the cough to stop. But then mother was really worried that we might be barred from flying home. So, she said must stop by at the hospital where she knew one of the doctors. The benefit of being a teacher is one would know almost everybody because they are this student's parents or the other's parents. 
We jumped queue even though the queue was short. I asked for Western medicine because Chinese hospitals will always give Chinese medicines. Last time they used to give a whole big bag where you have to bring home to brew on your own from one big pot until left one small bowl. Now, they were in the form of capsules.
In the end,  I have to snap the content of every medicine so that hubby could send to the pharmacist in Penang to see which one was actually promoting coughing. I wanted the cough to stop but the medicine was making mi madre coughed out her lungs. Cough until blood came out with the phlegm. The Chinese believed in removing the toxic in the body but I wanted the medicine which could dissolve the phlegm. We went to a few pharmacies to look for such medicine but they have stopped carrying such medicine. That was why we ended up the hospital seeking outpatient treatment.
Then, after mi madre was dropped home to rest, we went to another hospital to arrange for an appointment for the travel buddy to have her body checked up. The hospital looked nicer than the shopping mall. 
Mi madre went to the dentist on the second day of arrival itself. Heheheheh... the dentist was also mother's ex-student's parent. Good connection~! You need to be socially connected in China to get favours~!

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