Saturday, November 12, 2016

China Day 21: Professional Packer...

~ 15th February 2016 ~
Mi madre was better and we went to Walmart again~! One can never be bored with Walmart and we're going to miss Walmart a lot. Walmart, you come to Penang Island, Malaysia please. I will show you my loyalty by ditching Tesco, provided you have as many things as the one in Shaoguan. Hehehehe... come la, Walmart.
We bought things that we wanted to carry home. I like my Oreo wafers so much should have bought more. Next round I'll go in and carry many many boxes out, buy in bulk. Oreo Malaysia, where are the wafers? 
My precious like note books so I bought note books. Then, bought one for the hubby which I don't think he will use. I like to buy note books, planners and calendars but I never use them. Do I look like a proper planner? No, right~!
Then, night time was spent packing up our stuff. Pinky went out to meet her ex-classmates. I sent her the photo of my room. She said I would not be able to pack them by tonight. The first time I was there, I finished packing at 4a.m. but I started packing only at 2:30a.m. We were both old now. We could not stay pass 12 a.m., we would collapse.
I did it in less than an hour. Pinky always says we should open up a packing business. She's also good in packing loose items as she does online retail services. The only thing we are not good in is tidying up our house. If we stay together, the pig sty will be cleaner than our house.
I filled up our departure cards as well. No need to rush to fill up at the airport. Read what was printed at the back. Aliens... oh, so not tourists hor... aliens.... what am I in your country, huh?

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