Monday, November 07, 2016

China Day 15: Grandma - The Social Queen...

~ 9th February 2016 ~
Grandma has lots of social events lined up. There's not one day that she's free to sit around in the house. We were suppose to go back to Shenzhen to accompany grandpa and grandma but in the end grandma was too busy. On our second or third day in Shenzhen, the thunderstorm was so bad but grandma had made appointment with her kakis for yumcha and mahjong session. We asked her no to go but she said just because of storm then cannot go out, slammed the door and left. She went to an expensive hotel for yumcha and played mahjong until before the sunset. Not that I could see the sun anywhere. She came back to tell about her experience with the flood but she just moved on. She had lots of fun and won the mahjong games. Oh, grandma~!
She has invited all her siblings to have Chinese New Year lunch. This time round we booked two tables at Indonesia Seafood Restaurant. Grandma wanted photos to be taken.Two of her sisters could not make it as one went traveling up north and the other one has lots of programs as well. 
We were there to join in the crowd and dig into the good food~! After lunch, we left for Shunde... abandoning Pinky as she has appointment with her old school friend.

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