Monday, November 07, 2016

China Day 15: Fengjian Canal Cruise...

~ 9th February 2016 ~
The water was terribly dirty. It's not river water fresh from a spring up on a hill. It was canal water with all drain pipes connected to this water source. There were three arch bridges which we went underneath them all. 
Along the way, there were many stalls so imagine we have to walk, it would be very tiring. There were some parts which no humans could be seen but only houses of the locals. They seemed to build their houses bigger and bigger. Four storey houses were a common sight. Imagine how wealthy they were~! Some of them were just farmers and fishermen. That's an honest living. Those with factories have bigger houses~! I could keep a few horses in the house. 
There were some boring parts as well. So bored that I simply fidget around with the camera. Can't possibly jump into the canal and take a swim. *puke*
Uncle, what are you doing? Digging for rubbish? Did you drop something into the canal? Uh-oh~!
Life there must be kinda boring. Action speaks louder than words. Look at doggie. Doggie was bored stupid and he was tied with such short leash,couldn't even roll over.
Typical tourists doing typical stunts. Take photos. Smile. Raise your hands up high. Take a few more, coz the first one not nice... face not nice, hair not nice, neck not nice, smile not nice, neck not nice, whole body not nice. After our boat went underneath that particular bridge, those two ladies called mother's name. Old colleagues of mother. Fancy meeting in such a place. They were on land while we were on water and I just poked fun of them. 
The sun was setting. I find that bare trees looked sexy. They were so beautiful without the leaves. 

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