Wednesday, November 02, 2016

China Day 13: Chinese New Year Reunion Lunch...

~7th February 2016~
Chinese New Year was celebrated differently in China but there were some customs that were still the same throughout the whole world. I escaped from giving red packets back at home but I ended up giving red packets in China. I went prepared with many red packets of sorts and designs. The red packets design in Malaysia proved to be more beautiful so Pinky and mother used up mine.
Mother has booked a private room at Indonesia Seafood Restaurant. We were not going there for dim sum but for reunion lunch. I believe it was grandpa and grandma's happiest day as all four generations were in one room plus us from another country. Grandpa and grandma always wanted me to join in the family fun. Ahh... such family love.
I became the photographer for the whole family. They never have family photography in such large scale before so I set myself busy with taking photos and of course, eating. What else can one do in China other than eat away the hours of the day?
There was neither steamboat lunch nor steamboat dinner. Pinky told me the story of China's modern tradition. Steamboat was seen as something common as they would have hotpot during the winter. During Chinese New Year, there must be meat dishes to celebrate with to show off that we're not from poor family. Indeed we're not. We're rich in every corner especially the fats section. Prosperity is measured with one's chubbiness.
We ordered the best. Mother and first aunt were in-charge of food section. The rest just had to queue up for photographs to be captured. 
You see that little guy with the bird's head? That's his favourite section of any form of roasted birds.

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