Wednesday, November 09, 2016

China Day 16: Shekou - My Favourite Seafood Market...

~ 10th February 2016 ~
Hhehehehehehe.... father has to buy for us seafood to heal our broken hearts. The Hakka Village would be free but now father's money was flowing out of the wallet as fast as the waterfall. 
The subway was empty. We had the whole long train to ourselves so we did silly things. 
Actually, they were just acting. Both of them were stuck to their phones. Oh, father was not acting. He was squinting into his phone all the while. He needs a pair of spectacles already...
Poorer area no escalator... Overseas Chinese Town got elevator... heehehheeeheee
I really like Shekou. There's everything there. I wanted to look for the 'bread crab' but couldn't find them at all. Where has the 'bread crab' gone to? Lobsters~! But, nah... we've had enough lobsters in Australia. Most of them were live creatures, swimming away but of course there were dead ones. I wanted those huge prawns but one kilo was 70 yuan. Expensive leh... forget it la... I had lots of prawns already earlier.
Why got goat heads put for sale har? Who wants to eat goat heads har? Was the middle one horse head? 
I'm going to share with you the seafood that I like. I like everything leh... I even tried sea cockroaches before, but not in China la... in Penang itself. Hehhehehee...
We bought only three items home... that also a few hundred yuan already. Six years ago one piece of scallop was only 3 yuan, now was so expensive *roll eyes*

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