Thursday, November 10, 2016

China Day 16: When in Hong Kong...

~ 10th February 2016 ~
No, we did not go to Hong Kong but first uncle's family went. They came back. Whenever they were in Hong Kong, they would surely buy Kleenex paper handkerchiefs. I like the green apple scented paper handkerchiefs and obviously I like the cartoon-printed paper hankies. The paper hankies were thick 3-ply tissue. Really 'atas' for paper hankies. 
Kleenex Malaysia also not so high class. Why other counties all high class then when come back to Malaysia all no class? *sigh*
Oh, that's my favourite ice-cream. That's yam flavoured but I do like the chocolate ice-cream as well just preferred this one. Will buy both next time anyway Walmart got two choices only. Either this or that.

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