Wednesday, November 02, 2016

China Day 12: Rolling Around...

~6th February 2016~
I rolled around in my nest and woke up at dunno what time. Ate leftover food, I'm totally okay with eating leftovers re-heated after 10 times also I'm okay. By the time I was totally awake, it was already going to be dinner time.
Mother drooled over the food that I prepared for Pinky and Mr Ma's dinner in Melbourne. I said I would cook in China for the whole family. I went into the kitchen .Grandma has started preparing for dinner. I stood in the kitchen for awhile, looked around.
I can't even read the buttons on the rice cooker. I have no problem with the stove but where's the chopper to chop garlic and blender? Mortar and pestle also cannot be found. Slicer where? Peeler leh? Where? There was no equipment to use. Electric oven leh? No steamer also? I learned to use the wok as steamer from the first time I arrived. So, no steamer actually not surprising lor. 
In the end, by the time I finish looking around, grandma was done. Grandma used only this one knife. This one knife can be chopper, peeler, slicer and everything. I salute to grandma. Pinky and I cannot cook in traditional kitchen. Only grandma can... The lighting in the kitchen was kinda dim. Save electricity. Electricity very expensive, water also expensive. Only in Penang water is the cheapest.
I went to the living room and continue to laze around in front of the TV. I waited to be served. We have our dinner in the living room using two mahjong tables. The dining table could not fit everyone. 
Grandma can cook better than restaurants but nowadays grandma also lazy. Grandma always busy with her phone. Grandma plays with phone longer than Pinky and I. And grandma is always going out with friends. Now grandma plans to travel abroad. Grandma has more energy than all of us add up. I love grandma. 
Before going back to bed at 10p.m. I enjoyed the view from the balcony and played with the camera a bit. Do you know that if you're able to take clean photos, you can enlarge it and peeped into people's life? Yeah, so I did just that. Kinda interesting to kill time. You could even see what they hang at the balcony and whether they were watching television or swimming on mahjong table. 
Just like that, one day gone. One day of doing nothing except eat, sleep and shit. I think I forget to shower. I did not forget la, I was just too lazy to shower. I was in my pyjamas the whole day and going back to sleep after dinner. Hehhehehee... I'm like this also at home. So, home in different country but still me... same person. 

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