Thursday, November 10, 2016

China Day 14: I Win~!

~ 8th February 2016~
Other than hanging around at home, we played a game of mahjong. I won the game but there was no money involve. I was not willing to part with my money. That's why I never gamble. I don't mind winning but I cannot afford to lose. So, don't gamble at all. 
How one get hooks to gambling? It's simple. The devil entice you with winning in the beginning then when you're hooked to gambling, you find yourself losing but you're always almost... almost winning. You just missed by a hair. Then, you start again. Again, you're about to... about to.... about to win if it's your turn but apparently, it's not your turn yet, so you lose. Oh, you missed grabbing that one winning piece, shit luck.... just wait for the next time the piece appeared. Suddenly, you find yourself waiting for someone's prized collection, nobody released that piece anymore. You kept throwing other pieces that could have make you win and waited patiently for that one piece. Don't gamble la if you understand what I'm saying.

That's the last time we played together. God is good. I wanted to play but NOBODY in the house wanted to play with me. They're busy somehow or other. I get hooked to somethings easily. When I'm good in something, I know that as well. I can be a very good gambler. Terrible me... must repent.
We went to a restaurant for lunch. I saw this as the decoration. The food was really delicious but I can't introduce to anyone. The photos are still missing but I know where's the place. Just don't know the name of the place. I'll go again next time. 

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