Thursday, December 30, 2010

Birthday in Taiping...

28th December 2010. Mama's birthday. Penang water cut. All our houses are affected. So, I decided to celebrate Mama's birthday in a different way. Get out of Penang. Go to the nearest little town. I chose Taiping. We only had Taiping Zoo in mind. That's how good we are as planners. Never plan ahead. As long as it's not raining then we will go. God is good. The weather in the morning was bright and sunny. It's only an hour and 15 minutes drive to Taiping Town entering from the north exit. The first parking lot that I see, I drove straight into it. We were a little bit silly coming from a modern town. We were fumbling with the coins and the parking machine. Finally, we turned the thing and the machine swallowed the coins. Taiping... high time to change into a better parking meter. We had our brunch in town. Walking through the the stinky wet market, we went in search for the famous spring rolls and also wonton noodles. That's the best wonton noodles I have ever tasted. It's better than the one that I've been eating since I was 3 years old. The taste was completely different. The popiah which is the most famous in Taiping... oh, well... I still prefer the seafood popiah in Sungai Pinang Food Court... so what is the most famous is not what I like... Taiping Zoo~! We took the tram ride as we entered the zoo. It was a good tram tour with the lion's roar which sounded more like a dog with sore throat barking away. Isn't a lion from a cat's family? After the tram tour ended, we went on foot. It's a good walk as I was able to snap the photos from close range. That's the black swan trimming the grass at the edge of the pond. All the animals are visitor friendly. The wallaby that I didn't see in Australia. Actually, I felt like patting them but it wasn't a patting zoo and I'm afraid that I might lose my hand in the process. The ugly rhino... I have lots of photos of animals snapped in close range. They're all uploaded into Facebook photos already. Done within 15 minutes. That's really fast. The three little pigs. Three little bearded pigs in direct. In Malay language, the bearded pigs are known as 'babi bodoh' so direct translation to English means 'stupid pigs'. So there are such thing as stupid pigs next time, if it crosses my mind to give such a nickname to someone, I'll remember these bearded pigs. We walked the whole zoo until our legs were screaming to rest. I was a little bit disappointed that we didn't manage to play with the lion cubs as the caretaker was on leave. Thus, we went to do something which my precious and I have been planning to do. Yes~! Paddling on the swan boat. We paddled so fast that the swan boat wasn't moving at all. The men at the jetty laughed so hard asking us to paddle as slow as possible. So the slower we paddle, the faster we go. We paddled backwards, too and we find that it moved faster while we paddled backwards. We went round and round the lake for 30 minutes. It's only RM10 and it's in Taiping Lake Garden. Nothing to shout about for that place. Lake water is never clean because it's stagnant. It was drizzling and the rain was heavier by the time we finished our 30 minutes paddle. We were famished by 4 p.m. So we ordered the Malay fried koay teow. It took quite a while to fry and I was wondering what was cooking up in the kitchen. My precious asked me to go in and help to cook so that it would be faster. Never underestimate a stall with very few customers. That's the best fried koay teow I've ever tasted coming from a person who dislike fried koay teow no matter how famous it is as the number 1 hawker food in Penang. It was raining heavily by the time we finished eating. Due to the rain, we went to 'hide' at the Perak Museum. It was supposed to close at 5 p.m. and we thought we only had half an hour but due to the school holidays, the museum closes at 7 p.m. I rested a little while there as I was having a splitting headache and dizziness after squatting down less than 1 minute to look at a living dead squirrel. *sigh* Low blood pressure... thanks to that... In spite of the headache and dizziness, we reached home safely and by that time, I was snapping at anyone who's talking to me. The initial plan was to have dinner in Straits Quay... my favourite German cuisine but that was cancelled as mama is not up to eating so much. We changed to Northam Beach Cafe instead eating hawker food. I had my German Vienna sausage though and also pizza for dinner.

A good different way of celebrating birthday instead of the usual birthday cake and dinner.

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