Monday, December 13, 2010

Shabu Shabu at Lolipot...

Yay~! Shabu shabu in Penang. Lolipot is in Bay Avenue somewhere near Queensbay Mall opposite of OXO Cafe. It's a eat-all-you-can buffet dinner steamboat. Worth the RM30 per person with so many balls and meats to choose from. We didn't choose. We took everything and splashed them into our personal pot of soup.
Each table will be given a menu to tick on. I ticked everything and we had a hard time finishing up all the balls from meat balls, prawn balls, crab balls, seafood tofu and whatever balls that you can think of. There are more than 25 types of balls.
The best is the thin slice of beef. Shabu shabu means swishing the raw meat into the pot of boiling soup back and forth. In two swishes, the raw meat is well-cooked. The next round we're going, we won't be ticking any balls. Just get the thinly sliced beef, mutton and pork. I love the mutton the most.
For this month's promotion, the crab is only RM1 each. Push the crab into the boiling water, your soup will be very sweet. Crack an egg and you'll have egg drop soup which is simply marvelous.
Lastly, drown yourself in tubs of ice-cream. I just realize that no matter how full you claim to be, you'll never be full eating ice-cream.

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