Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Donkey Phenomena...

The name donkey began when the professor stoop so low by indirectly branding me and calling me a monkey. What I cannot understand and accept is, a man like you, highly educated, owning and running a foundation, supposedly caring for the physically challenged children throughout the world, to be of kind nature forbearing understanding, patient and so forth, but sad to say your outburst was uncalled for. Too quick to brand me a monkey, forgetting that you did not practice leadership by example. It is a shame to note and realizing that what you are doing do not outweigh your true personality of being a caring man. Is it necessary to call me a monkey? And it is you who started this nonsense. Please be reminded that it is your hand that pushed the small snowball down the hill slope. Now, as it gains momentum and as I reciprocate by giving you a befitting name that you have the means to amend your evil ways with a simple sorry. It is only a five letter word coming from the heart of a true founder of the foundation that speaks itself for the champion of the underprivileged people.

Alas, it is sad to note and realize that you blatantly tell the world there's no need to say sorry for the things that you've done and hurting me, purposely or unintentionally done does not warrant you as a man of high standing in society to do that. I cannot understand why is it so difficult for you to say sorry to me for all the hurts you've done against me. All in all, I am not taking any revenge but pointing out to you where you've gone wrong. That in itself is not a crime comparing with what you've done to me is equivalent to murder in the Bible. (Murder me spiritually is what I mean. Spiritual murder cannot be proven in the court of Law but it is worse than the physical murder. You do not see or feel it and you can even argue about it, but sad to say the hurting person is me, the pain and the anguish felt is deep within me, so how can you, in the right frame of mind, deny or refuse to accept the fact that you are actually murdering me spiritually?)

Please go and read your Bible (the Word of God) and see whether what I say is true before you dare or have any rights to get angry or even wanting to take revenge against me. Bearing in mind, Jesus says,"Vengeance is mine." Don't you dare to even think about taking revenge because you are going against Jesus' decree. All you need to do is just to say sorry.

I'm writing this to ask you to stop accusing me silently or among your colleagues or best friend of your have any, that it is all my fault. It would be better for you take stock and do some soul-searching and reflection, in the deep recesses of your spirit man to find out how much injustice, hurt and pains you've caused me all these months. Not realizing the sufferer is me, while you're enjoying yourself, opening so many centres, helping so many people and yet, you just killed an innocent soul. Would all your achievements mean anything for you to be proud of? Knowing now that you have spiritually murdered me.

This is the time for you not to be proud but to sit down and think through with God's help and with much prayer to Jesus as to how you can go about rectifying and correcting the wrongs that you've done to my spirit. Jesus is not blind.

What is it wrong for me to be your friend and for you to be my friend? What is it so wrong for us to continue to be friends? Do you look down on me because I have ADHD and Bipolar? Ironic isn't it as your foundation stood for those with ADHD...

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