Sunday, December 12, 2010

KOI Japanese...

It has been some time since the last I had a food post in my blog. I have cravings for Japanese Cuisine but I dislike sushi... yeah, what an irony. KOI is a newly opened Japanese restaurant smacked in the corner of Gurney Plaza's new wing. I have been thinking of words to describe the deliciousness of the food served in KOI.
Guess what... after a month of waiting for the right words to come popping out of my head, I find none that suits in describing the explicit taste, the tenderness of the Australian beef or even the feel of having the red octopus slid down my throat. I think I'm lost of words thus, I do not have a food blog to parade to the whole world.
Honestly, one man's meat might be poison to another. With my fingers crossed, I am confident enough to say that I have good and expensive taste buds, that most people will agree with me on the choices of food that I make.
I'm not going to describe KOI like my life hangs on it. Simply put, it is a Japanese restaurant with a very bright future in this little island of food haven surrounded by stingy spenders. But when it comes to food, Penangites just give in and will empty their pockets just to have a taste of a splendid sauce dripping from the side of the mouth. Even a bite on the shell of the soft-shelled crab gives such satisfaction that is beyond comprehension.
I have the golden opportunity to meet Daisy, the owner. The huge difference with the restaurant is the hospitality offered. Look at those Chinese pancakes. It's not in the menu but it's food brought from outside and we have been served together with the outside food. Not like other places that will tell you out loud the no outside food is allowed for fear of what... competition?
Fancy having a scoop of wasabi ice-cream for dessert? It's really cooling to the throat and smokes won't billow out of your nostrils...

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