Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Busy Sunday...

Sunday. Skipped badminton session. Drove to SP. Went over with mama for mama's pre-birthday celebration. Sungai Petani is a sleepy town. It's an hour's drive up north. Drove off with eldest sis, SIL, mama, the little prince and princess to Parkson. That's the only place that I consider as lively. But not lively enough. Walked around. Got my new Voir bag. Not much to see. Went back home after getting the roasted duck for dinner and did something with my princess. Yeah... did some colouring. She's so much like me so we're good together. I know what is she like and how she reacts. And we both suck in colouring, yet we like to colour. She follows the colour of the examples given on the book cover. That's what I did when I was small, too. When we were shopping, we have to get what we want if not we will turn the whole world upside down.
After we're bored of colouring, we spent some time stamping in an exercise book. We both have short span of concentration. I can last for an hour and that's how long my princess lasted, too. So, we're always busy doing something and we can do a lot of things in a day. Well... that looks like a ship sailing in a rough sea. Dinner was good. Good and simple. The famous roast duck, steamed fish and some stir-fried vege from the farm. I like the night activities that I did with my kids. Went to Pesta... that's Challenger... A few months back when we were celebrating my precious' post-birthday, we went to the funfair. I had a post on that, too. Every game seemed like a leisure ride. So, we thought we got used to the rides and started on the Challenger. Now... we underestimated the speed. When it started to take the third spin, all of us were screaming off our heads. There's one point that all of us couldn't scream due to the pressure and my heart almost stopped. I'm seriously too old to play with all these stuff... thank God we didn't go on Top Gun or else my heart will jump out from my throat. My precious, youngest and my pineapple went on the Lethal Weapon next. From the distant, it looked innocent playing on that until they went up and we were laughing so hard from down there. Looking at the facial expressions sent us in fits of laughter. They went up and then turned down with their mouths opened wide and screaming away. It went on like that for more than 10 rounds. I lost count of it. After screaming like crazy, there were a few rounds where they had no more energy to scream but it was still turning away, clockwise and anticlockwise and some body's sandal flew from the top... we really had a good laugh from down there.
My eldest and youngest have the guts to go on the Vortex. The rest of us just became spectators. Someone screamed, "OH, MY GOODNESS!" so loud and clear. They were turning 360 degrees while I was busy trying to snap their photos. The last game we had until the place closed for the day. Sky Rider... that was better. We went turning round and round the flying chairs. Not scary but we went "Whoa~" at every fast turn. We were one noisy lot of people. It was dizzyingly fun...the best part was we got the prince charming to go with us. He refused to follow us on other rides. In conclusion, we were quite silly to pay so much just to scream. There's joy in screaming in unison... We broke record of staying out until 1a.m. by the time we reached home it was already 2a.m.

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