Monday, December 13, 2010

Everything Beautiful...

This week is Penang's Floral Festival Week and I participated by walking through the flower stalls selling orchids and various types of flower plants. My camera participated as well and I posed for my own camera, capturing the beauty of the colourful flowers. The Floral Fest is not much different from the one I took last year. In 5 minutes, I have finished passing by every stall and heading towards the Garden.
The waterfall is very beautiful. Just listening to the rush of water builds up the spirit. That's a man-made waterfall but there's a natural waterfall as well but the branches of the trees growing along the waterfall make it hard to capture the real waterfall.
Then, there's this miniature Penang Bridge in the middle of the Botanic Garden. I've walked past this place so many times but I did not have my camera with me. On the first day, I didn't detour into the centre, but today I made it a point to capture this scenic miniature Penang Bridge.
The bridge over the river is beautifully designed as well. Every thing seems to be so beautiful and I'm proud to say that they're all here in Penang Island. I'm quite surprised that actually many people go for morning walk and jog or just for sight-seeing at the Botanic Garden. So, now I'm a frequent morning walker there.
I can't wait to see how beautiful the RM12 million Lily Pond will turn out to be.

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