Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Yes, that's exactly what I feel like doing. Standing on a swing and swing up into the sky. Christmas is just around the corner and my birthday is still quite far. Since 27th January is a Thursday next year, my precious decided to treat me for a luncheon this Thursday. I already have a birthday cum Christmas present from my eldest.

I'm ecstatic that my masterpiece for Juju on Christmas is on time. A few more boxes then I'm done. I really hope she will like it.

I have everything to be happy about. I'm going to get a few more new books to read as I've finished mine. And I have a man who loves me in spite of my crankiness and all my bad habits by my side. Nah... he's not a frog who's going to turn into prince charming. He's the love of my life... no wedding bells in the air~ I totally freak out about marriage... cold feet....
Three more weeks before school reopens. I still have my time table problem which I've not sought out. I think I'll let the time table go with the flow. I have a few more places to do and a few things to do before that. Oh, shopping... shopping...

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