Thursday, December 16, 2010

My Early Birthday Celebration...

This year's celebration is at Seoul Garden in Gurney Plaza. It is indeed an extremely early birthday celebration. Christmas is not even here and I'm already celebrating my next month's birthday. My precious insisted on an early celebration as next month when school starts, all of us will be too busy to go anywhere. I was thinking of going to Lolipot again but she wanted to 'play' with the grill. There are six different type of soup base and I chose the baby abalone soup while my precious and my pineapple chose kimchi soup. We were the earliest to reach Seoul Garden. We were actually having our brunch there. Too hungry to walk around, we attacked the food. There were varieties to choose from. The chicken slices marinated in different sauces. All of us were aiming straight at the teriyaki chicken. The rest will be squids, all types of squids and also different types of balls. None of us take any balls and I'm still having phobia looking at them. We were so busy cooking and we were splattered with oil and the meat pieces could even jump up to greet us. In two solid hours' time, we could barely move. This time round we couldn't move because we were too full. Any major movement will send the food coming out from where it went in. I think we are always like that. Either we are too hungry, or we are too full. Both at the extreme. That was the last round. I was enjoying the free flow of ice-cream after that. And the baby abalone soup was so salty that it actually spoil the taste of all the food. I still prefer going to Lolipot. We're definitely going for a swim tomorrow morning. I'm so full that I can't even have my dinner.

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