Sunday, December 05, 2010

The Refreshing Sunday Nap...

The nap. A power nap. A short nap. Just a couple of hours. It was nothing more satisfying than taking an afternoon nap. A nap which I was so against but seems so welcoming nowadays that I drifted into one without my knowledge.
The feel of waking up was different from waking up in the morning. While typing away, I'm still not sure whether I'm fully awake or not. It's a floating sensation between in a dream world and reality. There's this tugging of crawling back under the comforter. But there's another side which is crying out loud to stay awake and hop out of bed. So, this is what I'm doing now. Getting ready for my badminton session.
Another Sunday spent working in the morning, having lunch out then watched some movie from the disc without finishing it. I'm stopping myself from hitting the shopping malls, remember? So, I'm left with almost nothing to do at all to fill the afternoon. After badminton I'll be famished and then gulping down dinner like I've waiting for dinner time forever. Head back home and I've decided to spend the night time doing my paperwork for the coming weekdays. Ain't that a great idea? Then finish up watching the movie before my head hits the pillow again.

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