Friday, December 17, 2010

Hippo In The Pool...

BBbbrrrr.... the water is icy cold. Well... the body get accustomed to the temperature after a few minutes. There are many things you can do in a swimming pool that you can't do on land. First of all, you can dance like a ballerina. Secondly, you can fart all you want without having to smell them. Thirdly, you can run around without sweating it out. Fourthly, you can do so many silly things until finally you realize that there's a CCTV and you smile straight into the CCTV.
The next best thing you can do is to lie on water. Forget about kicking like a frog or doing free styling. Back stroke is just as nice. Just relax but be careful of where you're going. You won't want your head to have a towering bulge while having a great time in the pool.
Next, arm yourself with the Max Liquidator. You can shoot a firework of water and make it splatter all around you. It can be a good water massager to the opponent. Splash all you want. You can even kill a frog with it. I shot one in the belly... and it's a gigantic frog.
After having a splashing good swim in the pool, go for a healthy walk. Poke your sole silly until you don't know what's the difference between a sole massage or just pain on the sole.

Tomorrow.... HORSE SHOW~!

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