Friday, December 03, 2010

The Rolling Queen...

It has been more than a year since I last have my three fingers stuck into a bowling ball. This time round it was my third time playing. I did not get a strike. None at all this time. In fact, I was the last for the first game. I was taught to bowl by a champion state player.
For a simple game of bowling, you'll need to rent the bowling shoes. If you are a hardcore bowler, get a pair yourself and get your own bowling ball as well. I have a friend who owned both and had his bowling ball flown in from the States. I'm not a hardcore bowler, just an amateur. I am one who enjoy doing things as long as I'm not sitting down and being an audience. The world is my stage where I'm happiest with myself.
During the first game, I couldn't get a hang of the swing. Because of so much photo taking, I took off my spectacles. I don't take photos with my glasses on. Due to my astigmatism, indeed, I couldn't differentiate between a straight bowl or a crooked-hand bowl until I saw my ball rolling straight on the lane then took a sudden right turn into the drain. I was devastated with my way of playing. I lose so badly as I was having the bowling balls cleaning the drain one after another.
For the second game, I was adamant to get to the first among all six. I have a bad habit of playing games. I do not want to lose even though it's just a game. I was so determined that the easiest thing to do was to take out my pair of spectacles from my bag and viola~ No doubt I did not get any strikes, I had a clean sweep of the pins falling off on the second throw.
I managed to get first on the third game, too. Although I placed winning as utmost importance, but I did not forget the company of friends who were with me. They are my activity buddies in every thing. I thank God I have such good buddies to do things together with me. I already have the next trip planned and we're in it together. Awesome~ Love you all...

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