Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas~!

In exactly less than an hour, every place that's holding Christmas countdown, will shout "MERRY CHRISTMAS" and acted in such a way that no one can fathom. Cars will hoot and before you know it, your own car will jerk like crazy with teenagers and young adults jumping on your car. Snowflakes from spray can will cover your windscreen and before you know it, a fight takes place and you don't even know why you choose to get out of your house to do the countdown instead of staying at home, be safe and spend it well with the warmth of the family members.

I'm not the party type and I've been in the crowd once where tsunami hit the next day. It will surprise you how the non-believers will celebrate Christmas in full scale. I know that Christmas has been commercialized throughout the world, Christmas carols blaring through the loud speakers in shopping malls. When I hear the song 'Joy to the World... the Saviour reigns..." How funny as so many who celebrates Christmas with gift exchange and partying around with the Yuletide log which has no bearing to the real Saviour, do not know the Saviour at all or refuse to acknowledge Him.

Learn the true meaning of Christmas or better still, start knowing the Saviour. He's better than just celebrating Christmas on the 25th of December. By the way, it's Merry Christmas with CHRIST, not Merry Xmas....

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