Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Candy Land Experience...

Straits Quay is a new colonial style neighbourhood, developed by Eastern and Oriental Group. I like the English air of sophistication in the place. As Christmas is just around the corner, Straits Quay has set a theme to the place to create a Christmas feel to the place. It's called Candy Land at Straits Quay. We had a good time hiding behind ice-cream cones, waffles and candy sticks, licking lollipops and crawling into a doughnut. There's a towering Christmas tree right in the centre of the aisle. I do have a lot of photos uploaded into yet another photo album in my Facebook. After an hour or so hanging around, it was dinner time and although many people who went earlier and complaint about the cut-throat price charged on a platter of fish and chips, we still wanted to dine at the high-end place. Juju and the gang eyed Blue Reef for the fish and chips while I wanted something else. Western food is more like a common food in my diet so I wouldn't want something so common for a change. I was having a hard time deciding whether to try the Irish cuisine, Mediterranean cuisine and there's Italian Cuisine, there's also east meets west known as fusion, Chinese cuisine... oh, no..not here in this place... so I ended up going right at the very end from we I left them at theirWestern joint and landed the two of us for German cuisine... No regrets at all. When it comes to food, I'm not really bothered about the price unless it's something that I know I can get cheaper with the same ambiance. It's my first time trying out the German sausage and I'm definitely going again to try other German dishes, the main course... not the appetizer... Fancy having just a sausage for dinner... that's my Olma veal bratwurst with roesti. I did swallow some of the buttered market vegetables but after chewing a few pieces of carrots and cauliflower, the gnawing hatred towards vegetables grew from nowhere and I went back being a carnivore. BUT I do like the roesti... the worst part was I couldn't differentiate between cauliflower and broccoli.... celery and asparagus give me a splitting headache as well...Farmer's meatloaf tasted just as good. Speatzi is better than pasta. The grounded meat has a little resemblance to luncheon meat. All in all, we both spent quality time together over good food. Don't bother about the price... After dinner, we went back to see Juju and the gang. They're still not done with their dinner and I had a sudden craving for cheesecake. Secret Recipe is just a few doors away from Blue Reef, so within 30 minutes of incomplete digestion of beef and pork, I went for cheesecake... Another good choice of pecan butterscotch cheesecake. We shared the cheesecake because having too much cheesecake will make me puke. By then, I am 100% satisfied. No burp coming out, though. We went for a walk around the place. Walked towards the lighthouse and then took a stroll along the walkway. It was built on reclaimed land so there was no beach just directly looking at the sea, there's not even a sound of crickets neither was there any mosquitoes buzzing near the ears. It was a pleasant walk after the heavy dining.

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