Friday, December 03, 2010

One Week, One Item... F-A-I-L

This is the very reason why I do not like make a rule on spending. I fail to follow my own rules. I break every rule that I made. After buying, I felt guilty and told myself how many weeks I'm not going to spend anymore on items may it be books, clothes or accessories.

Clothes. One week, one piece of clothing. I couldn't resist myself and took a blouse. I like the colour. I'm always attracted to either red or pink. Then, that pair of jeans has a 70% off. So, it's worth every single penny. After buying, I had to walk fast to the exit so that my hands will stop touching clothes which were calling out to me. This means I'm not suppose to buy for the next week.

Books. I can't stop myself from buying good and thick books. I bought a new pencil case so that my old one can be washed in the washing machine. Those staples were too colourful to resist. I'm one hopeless case when it comes to shopping. I just booked my flight ticket for next month so I think for this whole month of December, I have to refrain myself from hitting the shopping malls.

Self-consolation... I went for movies instead. Aha~ That's not buying any material stuff :p *dang* What about fine dining and eating out? Argh~! This is too complicated...

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