Friday, December 03, 2010

Chocolate Boutique...

The other day, I was digging out all my discount cards and arranging them on the table. Then, Grace saw the discount card for Penang Chocolate Boutique. I've only used it once and I got it directly from the manager. So, the card is special as I will get a 30% discount while other cards will just get to collect points. I do not really like collecting points. I prefer cash rebate as it will satisfy me as I buy. In minutes, Judz has planned to meet up in Chocolate Boutique.
There goes my shopping plans. Other than buying clothes now I have to add in other items. Just three days ago, we met up in Chocolate Boutique. I was telling myself that I'm not going to buy anything as I just planned to let her use my discount card. I've not forgotten the sight of the chocolates arranged in shelves, from one room to another.
The start of the tour 'til the end of the tour, we were tasting chocolate pieces. Bitter. Sweet. Milky. Wafer. Fruity. Spicy. Yes~ There is such a thing as spicy chocolate. Chilli chocolate. Durian, I like. Green apple I like more. Dark chocolate, I like best. Chocolate for diabetics. Chocolate to reduce blood pressure. Chocolate of all sorts.
We are not suppose to snap photos but who can stop us from doing so :o)
Anyway, we are promoting Penang Chocolate Boutique. At least I know I'm promoting it for free. After the chocolate tasting tour plus coffee for them, we went another round to hunt for the chocolates that we're going to buy. Again, we tasted the chocolates in pretense of not being able to remember the taste. We're cheeky customers... but I think there are people far worse than us. *self-praise*
We played our roles as customers and took a basket each to be filled up with nicely packaged chocolates in boxes. I like the boxes, honestly, I'm attracted to the packaging. Japanese knows how to pack the best. And I like discounts. You can jack up the price then lower it down to higher than normal, people will still buy.
So, are Malaysians seduced by chocolates? The answer is NO. Malaysia did not even make it to the list of "Who Eats the Most Chocolate?"

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