Sunday, December 19, 2010

Horse Show 2010...

Horses... I like very much. This year's Horse Show at Penang Turf Club was more organized compared to last year where parking space was so limited until all cars were lined by the road side creating traffic congestion. This year, they have opened up the empty space inside the club and turned it into parking lots. The weather was cooperating with us as well. It wasn't sunny neither was it cloudy. It was just great.
We entered straight into the stables and was greeted by the smell of hay mixed with horse urine and shit. It was really stinky but for the love of horses, we walked through the stables and was greeted with a smiling brown gelding. I think it was too skinny as the guitar bones can be calculated. Some are thoroughbreds while there were a few Kelantan ponies and the Arab. The Arab stallions were very handsome. After snapping a few handsome faces, I saw this stallion with very beautiful eyes... aahhh... must be a Caucasian horse with blue eyes... hahaha... or is it wearing coloured contact lenses? I was quite disappointed that the miniature horse and the donkey weren't around. I wanted to see the cute little donkey from last year. I wonder where they shipped the miniature horse and donkey to. It wasn't such a disappointing trip actually because this time round I brought my eldest, my precious and my youngest plus my darling along so I have lots of company. We went for horse riding while my precious was on a pony ride. She's taller than that pony and the pony must be wondering what alien mounted on its back. I really wanted to have a horse of my own but it's so not feasible as it's impossible to have a house with a stable in Penang Island. I have yet to see one with a stable in the backyard. There are times I wished that I'm staying in one of the western country and have my own farm. *just dreaming* The horse carriage ride was quite good, too. That's a totally different type of horse with powerful legs. I sort of pity the horse having to work for so many hours walking in circles. There was an ongoing horse jumping competition. I managed to snap lots of photos of the horses jumping over the poles. They had to finish all the poles within 70 seconds and the fastest was 35 seconds. Many did not make it to the next round.

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