Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Our Little Misadventures & Adventures...

Yesterday, Tuesday, was a public holiday. I have planned how to make full use of the day since a week ago. It was supposed to be spent in Jerejak Island doing fun things together. But it wasn't so. Firstly, I had some issues with God that were unsettled, thus, I didn't pray about the weather. When I woke up around 6:30 a.m. there was a big surprise waiting for me. Taking things for granted, the usual rain was the evening shower. I was caught off guard when it started pouring cats and dogs 5 minutes after I opened my eyes.
We continued with our plan to meet at the Jerejak Jetty. We thought the rain would stop after an hour before we depart. But it wasn't so. We missed the first ferry at 8:30 a.m. because it was still drizzling and all outdoor games were cancelled when it rained. We hung around the jetty for awhile then we held a prayer session right there and then. All of us prayed for the same thing, for God's will to be done on earth as it is in heaven, for the weather to take a better turn, for His plans instead of ours.
The next ferry was at 9:45 a.m. We had to let that go, too. So, we decided to go for Bowling in Sunshine Square followed by skating if it still rains. Our little misadventures tagged along with us. Gracie's car battery conked off and wouldn't even give a hiccup. We had to jump start the car. The first attempt proved to be futile as the car wouldn't even cough out loud. Thank God for the bad weather, not many people came to the jetty. We had the whole car park to ourselves. We were pushing the car back and forth, to jolt it start but it couldn't because it was an auto car then pushed it back to the parking lot to try jump starting it again. This time, we waited for 20 minutes and when Gracie's car caught the breath of life, all of us clapped like a pack of dumbos in the parking lot.
We went straight for bowling where we played 3 games with the growling stomach calling after us. Gracie won the first and the second game. She had a turkey after 3 straight strikes. I won the third game with only spares. Half a layer of my fingernail came off. Left another thin layer of half a fingernail on the thumb. I have just cut my fingernail in the morning before leaving the house, in preparation of bowling without realizing what I was doing.
My mama joined us for lunch. A Chinese lunch at that. Since my ex-student is working as the Captain of the crew in the restaurant, I let him decide on the dishes. He came up with 5 different dishes some in large and some in medium so that we won't have too much to put into our stomach. For the chicken dish, the two guys had to play scissors, paper stone over the dining table as one wanted 3 flavoured chicken while another wanted marmite chicken. In the end, we had marmite chicken after three attempts to win over the dish. The Captain gave us a plate of fruits as dessert, on the house and gave us further discount.
After lunch, we had an hour more before the next ferry to Jerejak Island. We tried to continue with our initial plan. Looking out from the window, the sky had cleared and it wasn't raining anymore. Before leaving, we window-shopped around while the little boy made full use of his leisure time, reading on the floor of the departmental store. What a brilliant idea~ while we fooled around with Jester's hats.When it was time to leave, we left in our two cars. I was such a fast driver that I overshot the flyover heading towards the jetty. I had to detour to get back to the jetty. Thank God we gave allowance of time to ourselves, that also because my mama was nagging at us to leave early. Thank God for my nagging mama... and my mama is always right in everything. When we reached the jetty, it started to drizzle again. We were afraid that we wouldn't be able to play. In the end, we bought the tickets and prayed hard that the rain would stop. Indeed, the rain stopped when we reached Jerejak Island. The first person who greeted me was my Monkey friend. Where's my donkey? Always too busy to be around as usual...Since they no longer sell the package of games, we had to choose the games individually. We were left with 3 games only due to the earlier shower. Therefore, we had to stick to wall climbing, rappelling and archery. Fortunately, those were the three we were looking forward to no doubt we had to forget about walking on the suspension bridge, flying fox and cycling in the jungle to the lepers' colony. God is with us in all the way through no doubt our planned didn't work out. We had a better day with bowling as addition and our little misadventures together. The 3 games were supposed to be RM45 but instead the kind lady gave us RM25 without me haggling over the price.We started with wall climbing. I didn't make it as my arms were not strong enough to pull myself up. I only made it to halfway. I was indeed very proud of my eldest for climbing herself all the way to the top. Sherwynn made it the top, too. Both of them were silently challenging each other in every single game that was around. Rappelling was almost like abseiling just that it was easier. I just realized that Gracie was afraid of heights. Rappelling was abseiling down using our right hand to control our drop. We dropped down from 8 meters off the ground. It was a nice one. Even if I have to drop down from 16 meters, I would do it.
There were the low element station games free for us. So the kids were having such a great time balancing themselves on a rope, walking on ropes, moving along on a long piece of wood, spider-crawled the ropes. I did the spider-crawl but the little misadventure came along. I lost my balance and footing, down I came and hit my hips on the left side. I was thinking how come my fats didn't cushion the fall. I was hard hit on my bones. Not fat enough *sigh* and I scraped my thigh against the ropes so my thigh has Wolverine marks right now...
The last game was archery. I didn't have my spectacles on so I couldn't differentiate between straight and crooked again. Oh, boy how far I shot that the arrowed landed behind the target board. I had only 3 out of 12 arrows on the target board. So my new activity to practice on will be archery. I'll look around to find archery in Penang Island. Hopefully, I can find one.
Before we take the ferry out, we had more than an hour of swim and playing in the swimming pool. We really had a great time in the pool. I know I had a great time there. I better stick with activities that have to do with water to keep myself comfortable and safe. Stand-up paddle is easier than wall climbing. For dinner, we were famished. We went to the newly opened buffet steamboat restaurant known as Lolipot. It is an eat-all-you-can buffet and we did just that. I placed an order of almost everything that's from the menu to be shared on our large round table. Will blog further about Lolipot later on. The calories we burnt away, I think were replenished in the dinner.
In conclusion, with all the adventures and misadventures, we had a great time together. I have my whole body aching now, my fingers throbbing from holding the ropes and gripping the wall and I will refrain from eating any form of balls including meat balls for a month. Ice-cream will have to go, too as I've had a triple dosage of the usual ice-cream. Time to recuperate... where to next?

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