Monday, December 27, 2010

A Joyous Christmas...

It is indeed a wonderful Christmas. I woke with this right smacked on my face... it's a Christmas cow~!This is the day to shout for joy and the angels in heaven stopped all activities to cheer for the occassion. It is a day where my eldest, my precious and my youngest are being baptized.
One cheer for Jesus~!
Two cheers for Jesus~!
Three cheers for Jesus~!
All in all there are 19 cheers from FGA Penang and I believe there are more cheers in other churches throughout Malaysia~! Our day didn't just end there. After having a simple lunch, we proceed to the largest mall in Penang to catch a movie... The movie Gulliver's Travel was so so only. Rapunzel is still by far the nicest show. Looks like all the children's stories which are converted into movies have been altered. Gulliver travelled from the land with small people to the land of giant and then went back to the land of small people to rescue his girl. I have two more movies to watch before next year's school terms start. We rushed off to the bowling alley after our movie. The kids did some shopping for Christmas gift exchange on Boxing Day. We took two lanes and I got a strike but did not win the game. Looks like my usual bowling ball will be the 11kg ball. It rolls in a more stable path without sidelining into the drain. Well... that depends on how you throw it.
Ahhh... I did not bring the camera with me to the annual Christmas party. No shots for the party. All in all, it is a fruitful day and definitely a joyous Christmas with friends and family.
Thanks Judz and Gracie for such lovely gifts. I can't wait to start reading the book on Rumours...
My Christmas Voir bag from mama.. *whoots* Love you all for making it a wonderful day~!

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