Monday, December 20, 2010

Monday Stress...

I beat my own record. Today itself I have worked 9 hours covering for my replacement classes. Thanks to my smart plan for taking two weekends away in November so now I have to replace 4 mornings. It's not even my idea to do it this week but my smart students planned it all for me and I just follow their plans.
On the contrary, I'm having 5 days of quietness. The house is so quiet that I can even hear a pin drop on the tiles. I've sent the kids off to youth camp and I'm missing their noise. Facebook is eerily quiet as about 100 of them are away for the youth camp. Since my kids are not around, so it is fair that I busy myself with work, but not all work as I've planned for some special time tomorrow. Another new place to go to with Juju... Since I've spent hours on paperwork yesterday, I refuse to end my Monday with more work. I'm going to call it a day with a good movie while lying on my cooling bed. The rest of the work will have to wait till tomorrow. Stay tune~ I'll be back with more posts... but not right now. I'm shifting Donkey Wisdom back to this blog.

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