Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Drowning in Work...

Last year was the most relaxing year. Now entering into the 8th year I'm working, it should be more relaxing but no, I started with so much hiccups it's a miracle that I didn't choke to death. From the moment I opened my eyes, the paperwork seems to blanket all over me. There's so much still waiting and it's already the middle of the week. Come Sunday, I'll have to start preparing for the next week. My work starts in the morning. By the time my last class ended, it's a couple of hours before midnite. It's going to be like that from now on, morning till nite, morning till nite, morning till nite. I'm not complaining. I'm mourning for the loss of my freedom to write, to stitch and to read my story books. I've not been able to even squeeze a 5-minute to stitch. The blog has not been touched for two days which to me is quite long. My online time from 8 hours a day, has been reduced to 15 minutes. Gone are my days of leisure. The only leisure I'm left with is my daily gym session that also I dragged myself out of bed and hit it straight after brushing my teeth. So, I actually floated myself to the gym. I really wake up after I'm done with working out. Now, I'm looking forward for church service and also badminton session. I'm wondering where to squeeze in time for movies when it has been replaced with grocery shopping.


*I have to sign out and log out now... sobbing*

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