Saturday, January 01, 2011

Last Day of 2010: Chugging on Full Throttle...

The last day of 2010 and we were doing our morning walk for the last time. Come Monday, I'll be back to the gym. For the first time after so many mornings at the Botanic Garden, we walked towards a different trail. Photo shots were mostly taken from the Japanese Garden.Ain't that a beautiful sight? Reminds me so much of when I was in Tapah Camp doing stream strolling. We walked for one round only instead of 5. There's just a lot to do on the last day of our freedom together before the work starts rolling in from everywhere. We went to Macalister Lane for breakfast or was that lunch... I'm not sure as I seldom do breakfast. The wonton noodles are not that nice and the auntie was a mean person. The pulled back some of the noodles after putting it on the plate. That's so mean and she did it right before my eyes as if I'm not paying for the noodles. Told her I'm paying but she couldn't be bothered. The famous Batu Lanchang 'chee cheong fan' was there, too. Time to cook again come next week, no more hawker food and I partly look forward to cooking... just partly, not completely. Walked through the pre-war houses. The sight looked so much like Singapore's China Town. Not much of a difference except that ours looked more rundown, originality still intact. In less than an hour after our slow walk, we had to sprint back home to change up and hit the cinema. The cinema was fully packed up and I guess there's nothing much of leisure activities to do except for hanging out in the cinema. I got all the tickets ready for everyone. We were doing movie marathon together. Judz and Gracie did two only, but I did three. I started off with this movie... ta da~!It was really nice. Futuristic. Story line totally out of the box. Nothing I can even imagine in my wildest futuristic dreams. I'll blog about Tron: Legacy later because something funny popped out while watching the show. It was one funny thought that came out. I've planned the movie marathon really well so that we have some breather in between instead of rushing from exit to entrance like how I did it last time. Hot dog for lunch? It's 2 p.m. so lunch or tea? Not sure... we did some shopping for books in Popular Bookstore. Love books to the max~! Angelina Jolie~! Not much of an action in this movie but all of us enjoyed watching Johnny Depp. The tourist was really him instead of picking up somebody at random to throw the police and Shaw off the track. The actual tourist came into view at the end of the scene. An hour's break before the next movie. Our Cornetto Sundae... I'm so gonna miss doing all these when the school reopens... I'll have to wait for the next school holidays... Our last movie for year 2010... Jack Byrnes really gave Gaylord Focker a hard time being the head of the family. If I ever have that kind of father-in-law, I'll go all out war with him. Thank God I'll never have one of such... our plan to usher in the New Year was completely different. We're not going to put ourselves among crowds of revellers. Instead, we had delivery from Domino's ranging from beef pepperoni to Hawaiian chicken *my favourite* to tuna pizza to the chicken bites, the chicken wings and the custard puff and we're snugged comfortably at Judz's place with the poodle jumping around and galloping in the house. The poodle did gallop like a horse without any braking system except for the kitchen cabinet and glass door. Our first game... the Tumbling Monkeys.. whoever dropped the most monkeys 'win' the game.. the other way round. We played a few rounds of that. None of them has seen this game before, they neither know the existence of this game. Before we changed games, we were rummaging through the freezer in search of ice-creams. And we're spoilt for choices... *slurp* There's just so many types and I thought Judz's selling ice-cream because everything in her house is for sale, the accessories for ladies, the herbal products and the clothes. Our next game was Upwords... and because the game requires the use of brain power, none of us wanted to play for the second time. We prefer to play something which do not need the use of excessive brain power. We were on all fours on the floor... Twister time. That was one good twist... we'll be playing it again today... hehehe... my new year party never ends... At the stroke of midnight, we were looking at the fireworks released by some neighbours. Then, we had our fair share of playing with colourful 'explosives'. More like one person playing and the rest of us were getting ready with our cameras snapping away at the fireball on the road. It was indeed a good way to usher in the New Year... Happy New Year~!

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