Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My Donkey Rawks~!!

Donkey wants to be understood for things that he has done, will never affect the things that he is doing and going to do because a finger pointing will never win five fingers doing.

*Takes Donkey for a walk in the garden* That's true. Most of the time, the person who's not doing the work will be heaping complains after complains, not even a word of praise. Everything is imperfect from every different angle. But not one suggestion is given to the doer let alone a helping hand. To shut the mouth of those who complain, that person will have to be involved to look at the situation in a totally different perspective.

On the other hand, Donkey can be just plain obstinate. Of course nothing can affect you depending on how you view the issues in life. But if it's meant for you to change for good, why not take a great leap of faith, and make that changes? No harm taking the path less taken.

It's not all about winning Donkey, didn't you tell me that long ago? Why must you be ahead of every one else? There's nothing wrong sitting back and looking at the big picture before you proceed. You'll be more focused and you can align your work perfectly without anymore damaging mistakes. Donk, you always see things from your own point of views, you always forget to try to put yourself in the shoes of those who are more unfortunate, those who can't afford expensive education like what you're offering and there are many more things that you have overlooked in the bid of expanding your foundation swiftly.

Has anyone ever tell you that K4K expands faster than McDonald's worldwide? Where are you rushing to? It's not like you're going to die tomorrow... slow down... you might have to overhaul your whole operation. The kids are growing up, if you really care for them, start your own chain of businesses and offices or small factories to start them working on skills that will make them survive if left all alone in the world. Think, Donkey, think... you're a smart man. *hugs Donkey*

... inspired by ...
E. L. (Erratic Laconic)

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