Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sarawak's Local Cuisine...

Truth be told, I actually like Sarawak's local cuisine. Penang food and Sarawak food cannot be compared as both cuisines use different ingredients. Most of the photos are in my Facebook album while the ones that I like, I'll write a little about it. I will start of with food that I like most followed by food that I can go without. Kolo Mee
That's one bowl of egg noodles with chopped garlic, shallots and spring onion as garnishing, minced meat to add to the saltiness, slices of barbecued pork to add flavour and lots of lard. I can never be bored of Kolo Mee. I took every opportunity to have it be it for breakfast, lunch or dinner. I googled for the recipe. Will try to prepare it at home. It's same as how Penang is famous for its Wanton Noodles so Kuching is famous for its Kolo Mee. The best place to have Kolo Mee is in Mui Chin Cafe... that's all I can tell as I don't even know how to go there.Bamboo Clams
Tried that dish in Bamboo Restaurant. Almost all of them on the table used chopsticks to dig out the flesh. How can you eat something so delicious with chopsticks or fork and spoon? I straight away use my fingers to dig them out. I love it so much... didn't have the chance to go for second round. I love every sort of clam and every kind of seafood. Sarawak Laksa
Sarawak laksa is totally different from Penang laksa. So don't compare but I prefer Sarawak laksa. My preference. I've never been a fan of laksa actually. Sarawak laksa consists of Spicy coconut prawn paste-based broth served with rice vermicelli, omelette and chicken strips, prawns, sliced deep fried tofu and clams. *I have a feeling I sound really boring trying to introduce food in this blog of mine... no wonder I can never write a food blog*

Fried Oyster
The fried oyster is totally different. The oysters are still there but it's deep fried so it's with crunchy base which I have no idea what is it make of. Not bad... swallow-able.... Belacan Noodles
Oh, yucks~! Now, I'm being totally honest. It has fishy smell that's so overpowering after having this for your lunch, your taste buds won't be able to feel any other flavours anymore. It tastes like Penang's sotong kangkung added with too much water and dump the bee hoon into the soupy gravy. Yucks... really yucks~! Tomato Noodles
From the name itself you should know that the whole plate of noodles is covered with tomato ketchup. The first few mouths are still acceptable and after that, I have difficulties finishing the whole plate. The vegetables give me headache... Mini Burgers
The mini burgers are actually very good. It's filled with roasted minced meat. It's like what we have in our char siew pau. Very nice. Can gobble it up in two mouthfuls. Ngo Bee Th'ng
Penang's version of Leng Chee Kang. It's sweet. Cooling and soothing. Suitable for the hot and dry weather when we were there. Had that on the last day before my flight off. It was in one food court which looks quite run down. We entered from the side entrance so I never had the chance to see the name of the place. Kacang Ma Chicken
With lots and lots of herbs. The dish is specially for those doing confinement. I had a bite of the chicken but I don't really know how to enjoy it as alcohol has been added into the dish. I don't like the smell or the taste of alcohol. Midin
The pride and joy of Kuching. It's the famous wild fern which is grown wild of course. It's crunchy and I quite enjoy it on my first try. It was crunchy even after being blanched in boiling water. Still... I'm not a herbivore and I find it just okay to stomach any green stuff without leaves.

I will never forget those who have made my trip an enjoyable one going around hunting for the best food in Kuching. I'll repay your kindness when you're in Penang. Thank you Jackson, Billy and Josephine.


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