Wednesday, January 26, 2011

View Of Riverside From Riverbank...

During the day time, there's not much to see except for the waterfront and the buildings lining along the streets. There are a few hotels facing Sarawak River but sad to say, our hotel is hidden from the view. The nite view is completely different as there are bright lights to cheer up the place. After having my digital cam for so many years, finally I know how to snap a good view of nite life at I happened to stumble upon it accidentally. That's the most beautiful nite view photo I've ever snapped. I regretted not stumbling upon the high ISO without flash mode earlier when I was in Melbourne. Regret it big time. Never mind, I shall visit Melbourne again. Juju's frens... Jane and family. They're such lovely family who insisted that we go to riverbank at nite. That was on the second day where we've moved house from Jackson and Billy's cosy crib to Josephine's mansion.

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