Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Chinese History Museum...

Of all the places of visit, I really enjoy going to the museum. Yeah... I'm a bit of a nutcase in this area. I can spend hours and hours in the museum. I just look at the artefacts, the items on display in the glass cabinet but I don't read. I can't concentrate looking at so many words. If I were to stand and read everything, by the time the museum closes, I'll still be inside. Just like the experience of visiting Melbourne Musuem. I didn't get to finish the whole place because I was too slow. So sad... Anyway, I would like to introduce the Chinese History Museum in Kuching. It's not that big but it's a nice place to take a look regarding our ancient history of how Chinese came about in Malaya and especially to Sarawak. It's free of charge. Feel free to donate, though. Any place will need some cash flow to keep the place running. Have some cow sense in giving :) Once you step into the museum, there's a small room on your left that shows you a short videoclip on how the Chinese immigrants started entering Sarawak. Then, you'll roughly know how your ancestors came to Malaya and what type of work they did and how hard life was more than half a decade or maybe even a century ago. I respect them for their bravery, their hardwork to make life bearable and the unity among the Chinese community to stand firm on their ground. This Chinese History Museum is the one and only one in Malaysia. You'll find that Chinese is the resilient type of people. Whichever nook and cranny of the world, you'll find Chinese community somewhere and ChinaTown will be the busiest place day in and day out. These are the Chinese people in power in Sarawak during the reign of James Brooke. They have been bold and made their marks in Sarawak thus, we have Chinese in Sarawak as well right until today. I think Kuching has the most number of Chinese population compared to other districts in Sarawak. It was a hard life indeed where if for me, I will find no joy even in sleeping. How to sleep on this slab of marble? It's worse than putting your head on the flat concrete land. You can't even turn your sleep. I would have turned until God knows where I ended up with my pillow on the other side of the bed and my head in another twisted angle. Thank God I didn't exist at that point of time or else I wouldn't have survive. Yay~! I found my clan. Teochew... yet I barely speak any of that dialect. I only know a few important phrases like:
  • Why are you awake so early?
  • What do you want for breakfast, lunch and dinner?
  • What time are you going to bed?
  • What are you doing now?
  • How are you?

The rest... when I just replied with one word answer,"Ha... ha.." No, I wasn't laughing. I was nodding my head furiously and looking for ways to escape from the conversation. That's because I can't understand a single word and I have no idea what or how to reply and it's very rude not to reply when someone is looking straight at you and talking to you directly. That's one scary moment that's why I prefer to remain in the room whenever I'm off at my grandma's place. Now, I don't care what dialect they use, I use fully Mandarin. Hey, at least I can speak Chinese if not that Teowchew dialect. Oh, oh... there's a whole board of family names. I was so adamant to look for mine. I have the same family name as my Donkey. Well, Donkey is my pet so of course we have the same family name. There... found it...Actually, it wasn't me who find it. Billy helped me look for it. I can't even recognize my own family name written in Chinese cursive. I'm such a banana... a well-cooked banana. As long as I can speak and communicate in Chinese Language, I survive. Juju is 100% banana... muahahaha....

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