Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Riverbank Attractions...

There's a homestay village at the riverbank. We took a tour of the place ourselves. So smart of us to just walk in like we've received an invitation to do so. I see no one there and there's a small yet big dining area on the top floor. I like the feel of staying in a wooden house. Everything wooden... just don't play with fire when you're in this place. It's too dangerous to play with fire. I didn't check the price out. I just walked through the place from the entrance right to the back portion of the house. I've never stayed in a wooden house before. I wonder whether I can survive staying in one or not. Oh, food... I'll have one post solely on Sarawak food... or should I split the food posts? I'm still thinking... there's a stall in front of the food court in riverbank selling deep fried potato chips. The chips are all connected. That's hot from the wok with sizzling cooking oil. The two hosts must be thinking we're two mad tourists snapping photos whenever possible. Hey, that's what a tourist should do... snap every single moment to capture the moment that will never be repeated.... ever... all photos are priceless... Hhhmmm... another cat across the Sarawak River to remind you that you're still in Kuching and not any other place in the world.

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